Belgian traffic signs

Wherever you go, traffic signs are generally recognisable even if they look a little different. But there are some you won't know, and some may have slightly different meanings.

Here is a guide to signs that you'll most likely encounter on Belgian roads. Worded road signs are always in Dutch, even in areas that are predominently French speaking. A number of signs will be accompanied by supplementary plate to emphasise meaning, or to indicate distance, direction or exceptions.

Warning signs

Bend to the left

Bend to the right

Succession of bends,
first to the left

Succession of bends,
first to the right

Steep descent

Steep ascent

Road narrows
on both sides

Road narrows
on the right

Road narrows
on the left

Lifting bridge

Quayside or river bank

Uneven road surface

Speed humps

Slippery road surface

Supplementary plate warning of ice or snow

Loose chippings

Risk of falling rocks

Pedestrian crossing


Cycle crossing

Risk of wild animals
on the road

Risk of livestock
on the road


Traffic signals

Low flying aircraft

Dangerous crosswinds

Two way traffic

Level crossing
with barrier

Level crossing
without barrier

Single track crossing

Multiple track crossing

Tram crossing

Other danger       

Priority signs

Supplementary sign to show priority on a bend 

Give way 

Give way ahead

Stop and give way

Stop ahead

Priority route
You have priority over
traffic from side roads

End of priority route
You must give way to
traffic from the right

End of priority route

Crossroads ahead
You have priority over
traffic from side roads

Crossroads ahead
You must give way to
traffic from the right

Give way to
oncoming vehicles

Priority over
oncoming vehicles

Cyclists may turn right on a red light, but must give way to other traffic Cyclists may proceed ahead on a red light, but must give way other traffic         

Prohibition signs

No entry

No vehicles permitted

No motor vehicles

No quadbikes

No motorcycles

No mopeds

No cycles

No horse drawn vehicles

No horses

No handcarts

No pedestrians

Maximum permitted

No buses

No goods vehicles

No vehicles carrying
dangerous loads

No vehicles carrying

No vehicles carrying
water pollutants

Maximum permitted

Maximum permitted

Maximum permitted

No right turn

No left turn No u turns No overtaking

End of no overtaking

No overtaking
by goods vehicles

End of no overtaking

Maximum speed limit

End of lower
speed limit

End of all restrictions


Toll station

Use of cruise control

End of cruise control

Mandatory signs

Turn left

Turn right Turn left ahead Turn right ahead Ahead only Turn right
or continue ahead

Turn left
or continue ahead


Cycle route

Segregated route for
cycles and pedestrians

Shared route for cycles
and pedestrians

Pedestrians only



Parking and stopping signs

No parking

No stopping No parking on
1st to 15th of the month
No parking on
16th to 31st of the month
Parking Car parking

Goods vehicle parking

Coach parking

Parking on the
 is mandatory

Part-pavement parking
is mandatory

Parking on the pavement
is prohibited

Camper van parking

Motorcycle parking

No parking on either side of the road during dates shown Start of parking /
no parking area
End of parking /
no parking area
Repeater panel Parking / no parking
area lasts for distance

Information signs

Start of urban area

Start of urban area

End of urban area End  of urban area Speed limit zone

End of speed limit zone

Start of motorway

End of motorway Tunnel Start of expressway End of expressway Home zone

End of home zone

Notification of
lane designations

Notification of advanced
stop line for cyclists

Overhead direction sign

Bus lane

Median bus and
tram lane

One way street

Two way street crossing

Advanced direction sign Advanced direction sign

Direction signs
Motorway, main road,
minor road

Diversion signs
tourist attraction

Cycle route signs

Local signs to tourist attractions, eateries

Advanced diversion sign


Entrance to town or city

No through road

No through road
with exceptions

End of roadworks Pedestrian crossing Cycle crossing

Warning of side road
cycle crossing



Direction to car park

Covered car park

Public telephone Emergency telephone Tourist information

Temporary end of lane

Temporary road layout Temporary contraflow Temporary lane arrangement Speed hump Lane speed limits ahead

Lane speed limits

Radio traffic information

Escape lane End of lane Emergency layby

Reserved road for horses,
pedestrians and cycles

Reserved segregated
route for cycles and

Reserved road for horses, pedestrians, cycles and
agricultural vehicles

End of reserved route

End of reserved route

End of reserved route

Pedestrian zone


End of pedestrian zone

Overtaking permitted

End of overtaking

Cycle prioirity street 

End of cycle priority street