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Welcome to the VR Belgium mini-site. Here you can take a look at our route maps for the three regions that form Belgium, by clicking on a the route numbers below. We've also got a comprehensive guide to the country's traffic signs.


A1 Antwerp - Brussels
A2 Maasmechelen - Leuven
A3 La Hesbignonne / Autoroute Roi Baudouin
A4 Autoroute des Ardennes / Autoroute du Soleil
A5 Route Charlemagne
A7 Autoroute de Wallonie
A8 La Hennuyère / Autoroute de Wallonie
A10 Oostende - Bruxelles
A11 Zelzate - Antwerpen
A12 Zandvliet - Brussels
A13 Autoroute Roi Baudouin / Koning Boudewijnsnelweg
A14 Antwerpen - Rekkem
A15 Autoroute de Wallonie
A16 Autoroute de Wallonie
A17 Brugge - Tournai
A18 Jabbeke - Adinkerke
A19 Ieper - Kortrijk
A21 Ranst - Postel
A25 Autoroute du Soleil
A26 Autoroute du Soleil
A27 Battice - St Vith
A28 Athus - Aubagne
A54 La Carolorégienne
A112 Antwerp - Wilrijk
A201 Zaventem - Evere
A501 Familleureux - La Louvière
A503 Charleroi - Marcinelle
A602 Ring Liège
A604 Grâce Hollogne - Seraing
B401 Bretelle Gent Zuid
B402 Adolphe Pégoudlaan
B501 Bretelle Mons Nord
B601 Bretelle Spa
R0 Grote Ring Brussel / Ring de Bruxelles
R1 Ring Antwerpen
R2 Grote Ring Antwerpen
R3 Grand Ring de Charleroi
R4 Ring Gent
R5 Ring de Mons
R5a Ring de Mons
R8 Ring Kortrijk
R9 Petite Ceinture de Charleroi

A key to map symbols can be found on this page.